Midvale Towers Apartment Residence Painted In White with Grey Accent Colors

With One Call You Get It All

3-B’z Painting Co. has been providing benchmark painting and remodeling services for over 24 years. With our skilled expertise, perfected method of delivery and excellent communication, we provide superior product with the utmost efficiency. By promoting a well-coordinated working environment, we enable other trade professionals to perform at their best.

Our Story

We complete projects on time and on budget.  Our experience with the painting industry and the construction business in general coupled with our know-how of working with people at all levels has empowered us to simplify and resolve potential conflicts. Our focus is at all times on completing projects within the proposed timeline, to the satisfaction of all those involved, in a well-organized, uncomplicated environment.  We are fully licensed and bonded.

With One Call You Get It All

3-B'z Painting Co. has been in business for over two decades.  Our dedicated, highly-skilled and efficient team of painters and supervisors look forward to working with you on bringing out the best with upcoming projects.  We look forward to building a long lasting relationship with you and your clients.

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